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Afri Generics Ltd is a limited liability Pharmaceutical and Public Health Company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2008 with registration number RC7255572.

Afri Generics Limited is a limited liability pharmaceutical and public health company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2008, with registration number RC 725572. Our company office address is at No:10 lsoka Street, off Kigali Street, Wuse Zone 1 Abuja.

The company’s main objective is to carry on an efficient public health delivery system and the business of importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and medical consumables among others.

Our Services

Pharmacitical Marketing & Drug Supplies

We tailor our products to be sustainable over time, easily obtained, and well distributed to the entire geo-political zones of the country.

Policy Analysis, Research & Development

Provision of technical assistance and consulting services to support the creation, review and development of sector-wide and program-specific policies.

Medical Outreach & Emergency Medical Response

Development of innovative mobile healthcare services, design and assessment of effective communication in service remote areas.

Our Mission

To be an integral part of the healthcare delivery system by being a vital and dependable course of affordable high quality and innovative products.

Our Vision

To be a key player in the public health sector and pharmaceutical generics market in Nigeria.

Our Value Preposition

Our Resources

Through our staff strength and network of global consultants, we are able to provide our clients with incisive solutions backed up by our strong understanding of the local environment in the countries where we operate.

Our Experience

Our cross-cutting and varied experience in providing solutions to a wide range of donors, governments and private organisations provides us with a holistic and deep knowledge of the health and development sector in Africa.

A Message from the Chairman and CEO

Our vision of becoming a key player in the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria with international Standards drives our resolve to build a sustainable business that is respected by all stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa.

In order to achieve our full potentials, we have continuously improved the quality and the value of our assets and products by partnering with multinational companies, acquiring a professional management team, and high end technology.

By avoiding undue risk and ensuring high standards of integrity, we have, over the years, been able to protect capital, increase shareholders’ value and gain national recognitions.

During this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic which has caused untold political and economic instability, we have continued to support a highly skillful labor force, a team of well trained professionals and a great management personnel. This commitment to our people has helped us in growing our business regionally, while taking a futuristic viewpoint to further fortify our investment in order to increase our equity”

We thank our investors and partners for their unwavering confidence in our Company, and we thank our employees for committing their talent and expertise to our success. We look forward to reporting continued strong performance going forward.

Pharm. George Ugbede Audu

Chairman & CEO



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Why People Choose Us?

We offer extensive medical services for our patients recommend
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We are a top-notch pharmaceutical company dedicated to  giving you the care you need, and you needn’t carry cash to get it. We accept insurance cards also.

Advancements in technology has enabled proper and quality healthcare available for everyone, and we always have the best.

Through our years of experience and research, we have garnered knowledge and skill that assures success in our treatment plans etc.